A number of researchers and professionals working in the area of cognitive and educational psychology corresponded with Dr. LaViolette regarding his novel theory of creative thought formation.

View the letters they sent:

Papers Published on Feelingtone Theory:

1) Gray, William “Understanding creative thought processes: An early formulation of the emotional-cognitive structure theory.” Man-Environment Systems 9 (1979):314.

2) LaViolette, Paul A. “Thoughts about thoughts about thoughts: The emotional-perceptive cycle theory.” Man-Environment Systems 9 (1979):1547.

3) LaViolette, Paul. A. “The thermodynamics of the aha experience.” Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Society for General Systems Research, San Francisco, Jan. 1980; Reprinted in: (1982) W. Gray, et al. (eds.) General Systems Theory and the Psychological Sciences (Vol. I). Intersystems Press, CA.

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