Earth Under Fire: Understanding Mythology as the Science of the Past

Earth Under Fire:
Understanding Mythology as the Science of the Past

Based on the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette

Produced by: Jay Weidner, Rick Hassen, and Lynn Powers
Conscious Wave, Broomfield, CO

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Approximately 54 Minutes

Approximately 54 Minutes

In this exciting new video, Dr. Paul LaViolette theorizes that there is a periodic cyclic catastrophe in the Milky Way. He proves that our ancestors knew more about the universe and the cosmos around them than our history books have told us. Learn that the zodiac is a sophisticated device designed to show us the way towards the center of the Galaxy, a location that was not discovered by astronomers until 1917. In Earth Under Fire you will learn that the myths that have been passed down through the ages are not just simple stories or legends, but perhaps windows into the fate of our planet.

Join Dr. Paul LaViolette and host Johanna Lambert, as we explore our galactic neighborhood and reveal that the Earth is periodically visited by a celestial catastrophe. Whether it is recurrent cosmic explosions in our Galaxy or the discovery that major loss of life in Earth’s past may have been caused by influxes of cosmic dust, Dr. Paul LaViolette’s theories continue to gain ground in the scientific community. Like the Hollywood films Deep Impact and Armageddon, Earth Under Fire tackles the idea that there may be disasters from space that have shaped our past and will affect our future.

Trailer for the video Earth Under Fire

What was the cause of the sudden demise of the ice age mammals?

Are the twelve zodiacal constellations actually a sophisticated astronomical message?

Do cosmic rays from the core of our Galaxy periodically trigger major shifts in Earth’s climate?

The story behind the production
of the Earth Under Fire video.

Interview with film producer Jay Weidner

In Earth Under Fire LaViolette puts a new but highly informed spin on the troubled question of what provoked the meltdown of the last Ice Age and the ensuing cataclysm…

John Anthony West, Author of The Mystery of the Sphinx

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