Update on Medbeds and Celestial Chambers by Jared Rand

Posted by: P. LaViolette
March 12, 2021
updated: June 17, 2021

March 9th update by Jared Rand on Medbeds and celestial chambers. Interviewed by MarkZ.  Celestial Chambers are currently ready to manufacture once funds are raised.  Celestial chambers already exist and are used in his words to “reatomize” a person’s body.  That means that they correct genetic defects in a person’s body by remapping the person’s body and deleting imperfections at the gene level.  A shortcoming of the  interview is that it lasts almost 2 hours and is interrupted by ads almost every 5 minutes.  But if you can bear the ads it is quite revealing.  Maybe also check out other interviews by Jared Rand that don’t have so many ads.

If you contact Jared through his website, he may put you on a waiting list.  However, there is no indication when he will succeed in raising the money to build his prototype.  Perhaps equally interesting is the June 9th update by Simon Parkes accessible at the following link: https://www.simonparkes.org/post/9th-june-update-current-news.  He says at about 24 minutes into the update that beginning the first week of June a number of medbeds will be released to an undisclosed U.S. agency presumably to be set up for civilian use.

Also see below, revealing information about the Covid vaccine published in the journal Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.  Article entitled “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease.” by J. Bart Classen, MD

20 Responses to Update on Medbeds and Celestial Chambers by Jared Rand

  1. Lori George says:

    How wonderful! Please let me know when these become available. My youngest daughter was born with TOF and is now 26 years old. She also has 25% curvature of the spine and tires easily.

    Please use MedBed in any email correspondence subject line, and thank you!!

  2. Artie Williams says:

    “Celestial Chambers are currently ready to manufacture once funds are raised.”

    Hard to believe funds aren’t available. There would probably be more than a thousand multi-millionaires worldwide with fatal health issues who would gladly donate a $million in a heartbeat.

  3. Rosy says:

    Need help with my son cancer ASAP thank you

  4. Susan says:

    This sounds wonderful. I am sure this is for the wealthy!
    I heard about DNA reconfiguration to remove diseases back in 1977.

    This can also be a weapon.
    Im very skeptical!

  5. Craig says:

    Literally the dumbest crap ever.

    Jared Rand provides ZERO evidence or proof for any of his claims. And, when asked for evidence, he mumbles about people needing to beware of “dark, lower energies.” Give me a break. The dude doesn’t pass the sniff test on any wavelength. But! Hey! Send him donations so he can get his prototype up and running.

    If you believe he’s got a scoop from the “39th universe” and that he’s going to release technology that can make us all immortal … hey! “I” have been in the SSP for 30 years, and “I” have tech too. Just send a check to blah, blah, blah … and once I’ve raised 60 Million, I’ll share more than sketches with you all.

    Any takers?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Yes, I have had my misgivings as well. It seems that one has to take what he says on faith.

    • Larry Thomas says:

      I’m 82 years old and have been in pain sense I was 26 years old. I was a Marine now I’m 100 per sent disability. I heard about the med beds from President Trump. And I figured a hardworking man and successful would be fooled by something like med beds. So you think this is all fake?

      • Paul LaViolette says:

        Don’t exactly know what you mean by fooled. Do you mean “not fooled”?
        If in fact it is revealed that medbeds are a fabrication of the minds of Trump, Ward, Parkes, the military alliance, and various Navy whistleblowers, then we can look back and say they fooled us.
        Until then I am willing to keep an open mind and wait. But if you are desparate, you can look into other alternative therapies. One that I am currently investigating is the so called tachyon chambers whose designs were channeled through ET contact supposedly. You will find there are two main design varieties scattered around the U.S. and world.

      • Dee Elwell says:

        they say military person are first. check into it. Thank you for your service.

  6. S May says:

    All these babies, children, and adult victims of so many varying atrocities to be healed. I hope this happens soon. There are so many. I want to be a part in helping somehow, for now I will send prayers and light healing.

  7. Dave Hope says:

    It’s July 4th and haven’t heard a peep. I’ve been hearing about these things for over 2 years and nothing has happened yet that anyone can point a finger to. I don’t want to be a bad guy and raining anyone’s parade but I always wondered why if Jared Rand had access to a Celestial chamber he’s still wearing glasses.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      If you listen to his podcasts, he says that he has not yet built one. He says that he is in the process of raising money and that as soon as he does, he will begin construction. If you are looking for something immediate, try to contact Simon Parke’s group. He claims that the military is currently setting up a medbed center in each state. But so far we are all in the dark and just waiting.

  8. vasileianna ntokou says:

    kalimera sas endiaferomai na mpo sta iatrika krevatia med beds kai celestial chabers . eimai atomo me anapiria. mporei kapoios na moy pei poy tha steilo email

    in Greek:
    καλιμερα σας, ενδιαφερομαι να μπο στο ιατρικο κρεβατια med beds και celestial chambers. Eimai atomo me anapiria. Μπορει καποιοσ να μου πει που θα στειλο email?

    Good day, I am interested to use med beds and celestial chambers. I am a person with handicaps. Can someone tell me where I can send an email?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      For med beds I suggest that you contact Simon Parkes, sending him a message through his official website.
      For celestial chambers I suggest you contact Jared Rand by sending him a message on his website intothelight.news.com.

  9. Richard says:

    wow! what an incredible podcast!!!
    thank you
    one suggestion.. take the chat off the main screen and put
    it on a different location! some of the comments are low awareness
    and diminish the podcast
    peace and love
    Richard Beecroft

  10. Noella Mitchell says:

    How do I find out about training to use these celestial beds? I am in Australia.

  11. BarbaraRose says:

    I listened to this interview. I have heard about these for many years. As a Holistic Intuitive RN, and Energy Teacher. I realized years ago there were ways to heal if one truly understood how our body functioned.
    I am beyond excited as I have dreamt of healing people for years and helped many yet had to stay below the radar.
    Looking forward to April 1 and April 17,2021 to break the spell and begin a beautiful journey to Health and Freedom!
    My daughter’s friend introduced me to Paul LaViolette’s work. Began with borrowed book, Earth Under Fire and now Genesis of the Cosmos. So Exciting!

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